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What A !$ Week

The ASN leadership, staff, and I invite you to join us in Florida and show your pride in being a member of a community that does not shy away from doing what is right. Together, we will make a difference.

What a !$ Week


Each year, thousands of schools and youth organizations nationwide participate in Start With Hello Week, a national call-to-action week dedicated to making new social connections and creating a sense of belonging among youth.

Once you have applied for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, you must request benefits for each week during which you are in partial or total unemployment. Sunday is the first day of the week that you can request benefits for the prior week. You may request benefits for the prior week at any time beginning Sunday through Saturday of the current week.

Division III Week is a positive opportunity for all individuals associated with Division III to observe and celebrate the impact of athletics and of student-athletes on the campus and surrounding community. During the week, every Division III school and conference office is encouraged to conduct a type of outreach activity that falls into one of three categories: academic accomplishment; athletic experience; or leadership/community service/campus involvement.

Rangers create a March-Madness style bracket pitting individual bears against each other. The public then votes to see who will advance each round. Voting takes place over several days on People may vote using any criteria they see fit. In the end, one bear will reign supreme.

This year, Fat Bear Week starts on October 5 and concludes on Fat Bear Tuesday, October 11. In addition to voting during this week-long tournament, there will be a series of online chats on featuring Mike Fitz,'s resident naturalist, and rangers from Katmai. These chats focus on both the individual bears and Katmai's healthy ecosystem. Throughout the season, you can also tune in to the bear cams, which offer unprecedented access to the lives of the bears of Brooks River. There are also special live events on a variety of topics hosted weekly throughout the season.Who's who in the bracket? Check out the competitors and their early season/late season photos here. More photos can be found on Katmai's Flickr site.

Friends of Libraries groups have their very own national week of celebration! United for Libraries will coordinate the 17th annual National Friends of Libraries Week Oct. 16-22, 2022. The celebration offers a two-fold opportunity to celebrate Friends. Use the time to creatively promote your group in the community, to raise awareness, and to promote membership. This is also an excellent opportunity for your library and Board of Trustees to recognize the Friends for their help and support of the library.

What you should do? Nothing except continue to certify weekly once you are notified by DOL to do so. Your benefits will be updated automatically.(Please do not call; it will only make it difficult for others to reach an agent.)

National Summer Learning Week is a celebration dedicated to elevating the importance of keeping kids learning, safe, and healthy every summer, and ensuring they return to school ready to succeed in the year. We have transformed our annual national awareness day into a week-long celebration of the awesome power of summer learning through five unique themes. We encourage families to participate by visiting where they can can discover summer programs and new summer learning resources. Scroll down to discover helpful resources, insights on our new themes, and ways you can join the celebration on social media!

We are excited to announce the third virtual, multi-institutional NPAW celebration! This initiative was started to connect postdocs while the world was largely virtual. We are continuing the tradition by working with organizations to highlight events that are open to postdocs from across the world. Virtual events include a special keynote event to kick off NPAW, followed by networking events later in the week.

Since 2009, the NPA has sponsored National Postdoc Appreciation Day/Week to recognize the significant contributions that postdoctoral scholars make to U.S. research and discovery. Organizations from across the world participate by holding special events. In 2010, this week was officially recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives. Events will be held throughout the week and across the country to create awareness of postdocs.

Over 30,000 people try to file their weekly claim on Sundays from 9AM-10AM. To keep our system healthy and performing optimally, file later in the day or Monday through Friday. Remember, you have up to 14 days to file your weekly claim.

Pollinator Week is an annual celebration in support of pollinator health that was initiated and is managed by Pollinator Partnership. It is a time to raise awareness for pollinators and spread the word about what we can do to protect them. The great thing about Pollinator Week is that you can celebrate and get involved any way you like! Popular events include planting for pollinators, hosting garden tours, participating in online bee and butterfly ID workshops, and so much more. However you choose to celebrate this year, be sure to register your event on the map below, and share your story with us by tagging us on social media using the hashtag #PollinatorWeek.

The NP role needs you! This special week offers numerous opportunities to highlight the NP role and increase awareness of the exceptional care NPs provide. This year's theme is NPs: Rising to Meet the Needs of Patients. The resource guide below includes information such as a sample news release, talking points, an NP fact sheet, community activities, a media interview guide, posters and guidelines for writing a letter to the editor. A proclamation is also available to help elected officials recognize the many contributions NPs make to the health of their communities year-round.

For one week next April, visitors will tour inspired private landscapes, public gardens and historic sites across Virginia, enjoying our beautiful state at the peak of spring. In addition, more than 1,000 world-class floral arrangements created by Garden Club of Virginia members will enhance tour properties. This beloved statewide event will include 29 unique tours organized and hosted by 48 member clubs located from the foothills of the Shenandoah Valley all the way to the beaches of Tidewater.

Media inquiries, general information and logistics: Karen Ellsworth, Historic Garden Week State Director and Editor of the Guidebook or 804-644-7776, Ext. 21

Historic Garden Week Guidebook advertising, general information and logistics: Terri Lowman, Historic Garden Week Marketing and Program or 804-644-7776, Ext. 22

The action packed agenda for the week encompasses the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government. Events include meeting with the Senate Co-Chairs, other Senate leaders and the Senate parliamentarian and historian; a justice of the Supreme Court, the president, officials from the Departments of State and Defense and other executive agencies, a foreign ambassador to the U.S. and senior members of the media.

You worked; (if you worked your normal full-time hours or will be paid the equivalent of your normal full-time hours, you are not entitled to benefits for the week.) Did you work your normal full-time hours, or will you be paid wages equal to your normal full-time wages?

For the duration of the pandemic emergency declaration, the waiting week requirement was temporarily suspended for all UC claimants and that week became a paid compensable week. As of September 5, 2021, the unpaid waiting week is reinstated.

Mass 6 p.m. in Church of the GesuOpen a week of kindness with Rev. Jim Voiss, S.J., vice president for mission and ministry, and Marquette University students during a celebration Mass.

Global Jesuit Luncheon Take-out 12 p.m.Alumni Memorial Union, 2nd Floor LobbyWhile St. Ignatius of Loyola was a son of Spain, the Society of Jesus is a religious order with ministries around the world. Each weekday of Mission Week will feature a different country with a FREE take-out lunch to the first 150 participants. Featured Restaurant: Get Them While They're Hot TamalesMenu: mild pork, spicy chicken, pinto beans and cheese served with pico de gallo and green salsa cups

We pay benefits starting on the eighth day of disability. The first seven days of payment (known as the waiting week) is held until you meet one condition: your unpaid leave continues for a total of 22 days or more.

While the Temporary Disability program is subject to a waiting week, the Family Leave program is not. If applying for Family Leave Insurance, you will be issued benefits for the entire period of leave you are claiming.

In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15 as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week in which May 15 falls, as National Police Week. Established by a joint resolution of Congress in 1962, National Police Week pays special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others.

The week's activities include lectures and presentations covering many facets of police work and criminal justice. Participants will be exposed to a disciplined quasi-military environment, including military drill in combination with structured fast moving programs of classroom activities, lectures, films, practical exercises and physical training, simulating the NJSP recruit training experience.


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