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Epson 7880 Adjustment Program |WORK|

Setting Up The 7880Like any pro-series printer, these babies are big. Don't plan on unpacking and setting it up all by your lonesome. Even the 4880, which can sit on a table, is best handled by two people, but once you get into the larger sizes, you absolutely need two or more to get the printer assembled and onto the included stand (the 7880 weighs in at about 110 lbs). It's a straightforward process, thanks to excellent documentation.Once you have the stand assembled, you're ready to put the printer on the stand and begin charging the ink lines. The LCD control panel walks you through each step of the process, making it nearly foolproof.The printer ships with photo black ink only. If you plan to do much fine art printing, I suggest you buy a matte black cartridge at the same time as the printer, and install that during the initial setup. Remember that each time you switch between matte and photo black you need to flush the ink line, consuming expensive ink in the process.After setup, you install the software. Epson includes drivers, a network configuration program, and utilities to update firmware and manage paper, and to perform maintenance like nozzle cleaning. These are all accessed through the LFP Remote Panel (#3).

epson 7880 adjustment program

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