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SIMLAB-8051: A Software Simulator for 8051 Microcontrollers

The 8051 is a popular 8-bit microcontroller that was developed by Intel in the late 1970s and has been widely used in embedded systems, such as industrial automation, robotics, consumer electronics, and communication devices. However, learning and developing applications for the 8051 can be challenging, especially for beginners who may not have access to the hardware or the tools required to program and debug the microcontroller. This is where SIMLAB-8051 comes in handy.

SIMLAB-8051 is a software simulator for 8051 microcontrollers that runs on Windows operating systems. It allows users to write, assemble, compile, load, and execute programs for various 8051 models, such as 80(C)51, 80(C)52, 87(C)51, 87(C)52, 89(C)51, 89(C)52, and 89(S)51/52. Users can also observe and modify the memory and the internal registers of the microcontroller, as well as set breakpoints and trace the execution of the program. SIMLAB-8051 provides a graphical user interface that displays the circuit diagram of the microcontroller and its peripherals, such as LEDs, switches, keyboards, LCDs, ADCs, DACs, EEPROMs, speakers, stepper motors, and oscilloscope screens. Users can interact with these peripherals using the mouse or the keyboard and see the effects on the microcontroller in real time.


SIMLAB-8051 is not only a simulator but also a learning tool that provides various experimental modules for users to practice and master the concepts and skills of 8051 programming and interfacing. These modules cover topics such as interrupts, timers/counters, serial communication, logic gates, traffic lights, clock/calculator, and more. Each module comes with a detailed description of the objective, procedure, circuit diagram, and source code of the experiment. Users can follow the instructions or modify the code to explore different scenarios and outcomes.

SIMLAB-8051 is a product of 秉華科技 (Be-Friend Technology), a Taiwanese company that specializes in developing educational software and hardware for embedded systems. SIMLAB-8051 is available in both Chinese and English versions and supports Windows 10/8/7/XP. Users can purchase a USB version of SIMLAB-8051 that comes with a license for one user per set. Users can also download a free trial version of SIMLAB-8051 from [the company's website].

If you are interested in learning or teaching 8051 microcontrollers, SIMLAB-8051 is a software simulator that you should definitely check out. It offers a convenient and cost-effective way to simulate various 8051 models and peripherals without requiring any hardware or wiring. It also provides a rich set of experimental modules that can help you gain practical experience and knowledge of 8051 programming and interfacing. With SIMLAB-8051, you can turn your computer into a virtual laboratory for 8051 microcontrollers.


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