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[S2E2] Back From The Dead

In the second season Deb learns that Jane only married Ethan so he could get insurance for cancer treatments, only for him to leave a month after they were married. Deb channels Jane's reactions upon learning she wants the divorce because he was a jerk for leaving her. This turn of events have Deb starting to act more like Jane as she starts to take on Jane's emotions and feelings. Meanwhile, Parker, with secret help from Grayson, also saved Jane's job after Tony, who was upset upon learning that she was married, refused to represent her after initially agreeing to do it. Deb/Jane would later learn from Fred that Kim did sleep with Grayson, resulting in Kim's pregnancy scare, devastating Deb for a moment until Fred told her the results came back negative.

[S2E2] Back from the Dead

Kim hires Fred as her new assistant and Fred tries to get closer to Stacy by helping her get some jobs. Stacy attempts to create "The Armvelope," a sleeve-like accessory that can be used during driving until she receives a cease & desist letter from a Japanese company that already produces such a product. Fred attempts to get Stacy back by trying to make her jealous but it doesn't work. Later in the season, Fred and Stacy resume their past relationship and he tells her he loves her. Fred is jealous when Stacy books a commercial and has to kiss her pretend husband.

It's all too easy to compare the continued existence of Dead Island 2 (opens in new tab) to the zombies it features. Lurching on for years, long after it seemed dead, passed from one studio to another. In spite of the name, though, Dead Island 2 is practically a new game. According to game director David Stenton, when development was taken over by Dambuster in 2018 it was "built from scratch". The only thing it kept was zombies and its LA setting. "That serves the "paradise gone to hell" pillar," he says. Though the genre in which it sits feels like it never dies, with zombie games still releasing on the regular. What does something like Dead Island 2 bring to the table? What even is the identity of this series?

Your player character is far from an invulnerable hero, and all the quips in the world do little once the undead shuffle onto the scene. There's a real sense of claustrophobia as zombies gather around you, since they can't be taken care of swiftly. Each individual walking corpse is a threat in its own right. In these moments the game conjures up memories of Resident Evil 4, making split second decisions about how to handle a group of foes. Take out a leg here, try for a headshot there. Except instead of guns, you're mostly wielding over-the-top melee weapons, wrestling them back as they get stuck or embedded in rotting flesh.

Andy watches Nicole sleep. O.B. pops a heart shaped balloon. The girls are chased off a property by a man with a gun. Sam received another photo and a call from Andy. Sam apologises for letting Andy fall from the quarry. Russ demands to know where they are. Andy lies about who he was talking to. Mel arrives after being out all night looking for Andy. O.B. thinks that Max was right, that he was wasting his time with Mel. Sam and Russ search for Nicole using Andy's clue. O.B. is annoyed to learn that Mel has forgotten about Valentine's Day. Mel wants to go back to the amusement park, secretly to try find Andy. O.B. picks up on it, and tells Mel to leave it to the police. O.B. tells her that she's letting Andy ruin her life. Nicole worries when she finds her phone in Andy's bag and hears the voice message. The key doesn't work for the lock so Louise comes up with another plan.Mel finds a photograph of Andy, but leaves to find a phone - barely missing Andy. Clare, Mandy and Louise break into the house but set the alarm off. Nicole is sick in the toilet and quickly gets dressed. Mel is annoyed to find the photo has gone. Nicole walks down the hotel corridor. None of the girls can remember the name of the letting agent. The police arrive at the house. Andy runs into Nicole in the corridor. He grabs her and she tells him that the police are on the way. He puts his hands around her throat. He tells her that he will hurt her if she doesn't walk back down the corridor with her without making a noise. Mel arrives back at the room to find O.B. has gone. She opens the card from him and drinks some of the wine from the room.Mandy is interviewed but her explanation is poor. They are all arrested. Nicole arms herself with a pair of scissors as Andy prepares to drug her. The police officer tries to emotionally blackmail Mandy into telling him who broke into the house. Mandy is outraged to have to be fingerprinted. Sam believes that if Andy was going to hurt Nicole, he would have done it by now. They decide to search all the nearby hotels. Mandy and Louise have a fight in the cells, and have their mugshots taken. They refuse to enter the cell without seeing a solicitor. A rough looking man is brought into the station, and the trio hurry into the cell. Nicole tries to stab Andy, but he manages to stop her. He tries to drug her but she spits the water back in his face. He gives her more GBH and forces her to swallow it.

Finding the location of the remaining circus survivor, Clayton Williams, Jason and Dick headed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they attempted to enter a bar, in which Clayton worked. Although Dick was allowed inside, the bouncer automatically recognized Jason's ID as a fake and denied him entry. Despite being told to wait outside, Jason headed around the back and waited by the back door, sneaking in when someone exited to dispose of trash. As he entered, he flirted with some women and headed for the bar. He grabbed a stranger's drink and flirted with her, offering to buy her a new drink. However, her boyfriend took issue, causing Jason to pick a fight with him. Before it could escalate, Dick intervened, but there was an explosion that stunned everyone in the location. They exited the bar, where Dick received a call from Nick Zucco, revealing himself as the serial killer responsible for the deaths of the circus mates. Before Dick departed to rescue a now kidnapped Clayton, Jason was given a brief speech on why he should not be Robin.

Dean and Sam investigate the death of a college student who has come back from the dead seeking revenge on those who mistreated her while she was alive. Upon confrontation, the ghost savagely attacks Sam, leaving him injured. While in town, the brothers visit their mother's grave to pass along something from their father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan's).

ANGELA'S CAR - Angela's driving down the road crying and unable to concentrate on driving. Her cell phone rings. It's Matt trying to apologize, causing her to take her eyes completely off the road. During a heated phone call, she accidentally drives off the road and slams into a rock-solid wall, glass shattering in every direction. Zooming back in on the car, we see Angela dead with her head lying on the steering wheel and blood flowing out of her mouth and dripping onto her phone. Matt is still on the line and frantically cries out her name repeatedly.

MOTEL - Dean walks in on Sam watching Latino Porn on the SKIN channel, Sam quickly shutting off the TV. Dean tells Sam that Matt cut his own throat last night and that he'd apparently been seeing Angela everywhere he went before he died. He checked out Matt's apartment only to find a bunch of dead plants, just like at the cemetery and a dead goldfish on top of that. The only other clue he has is Angela's diary, which he stole from her house. The boys decide to talk to more of Angela's friends to find out what life was like between her and Matt.

DR. MASON'S HOUSE - Sam and Dean visit Angela's dad questioning him about the symbols. Dean's angry. Dr. Mason states that these symbols are part of a demonic ritual used for necromancy. The ancient Greeks used these symbols for communicating with the dead, even bringing corpses back to life; as Dean puts it, full zombie action. He accuses Dr. Mason of using this ritual to bring Angela back to life and threatens him, yelling, "What's dead should stay dead!" Dean demands to know where he's hiding Angela. Dr. Mason goes to call the cops and Sam points out to Dean that Angela is not there because the plants in the house are healthy. Dean storms out of the house with Sam following behind.

MOTEL - The boys are trying to figure out a way to kill Angela, but Sam says that it's impossible because there are hundreds of methods on how to kill the walking dead. They have no idea what's true and what's not. Although there's nothing in common amongst all the methods, a few of them say silver might work. Sam says they need to find the person who brought Angela back to life. Dean believes that Neil's responsible. According to her diary, Angela wrote, "Neil's a real shoulder to cry on. He so understands what I'm going through with Matt." Dean speculates that Neil is similar to Duckie - a character from Pretty in Pink who was in love with his best friend, and mentions that Neil is Dr. Mason's TA and has access to all the same books.

LINDSEY'S HOUSE - Lindsey is looking at a photo of Angela and Matt. She hears a noise at the front door. Angela comes in, attacking a shocked Lindsey with scissors. She takes two swings at Lindsey and misses both times. Lindsey kicks Angela to the ground, causing the scissors to stab right through Angela's breast. Lindsey's in shock as she turns Angela face up realizing what she's done. Angela's eyes pop wide open, grabbing Lindsey by the throat with abundant force and pulling the scissors out of her breast. At that moment, Sam and Dean burst into the room firing three bullets into the back of Angela's head and one into her chest. She manages to escape out the window and Dean follows, but soon returns, exclaiming, "Damn, that dead chick can run!"

NEIL'S OFFICE(??)- Sam and Dean come storming into the room, tolerating no more of Neil's crap. They demand to know where he's keeping Angela. Sam and Dean tell Neil that they have to perform another ritual, nailing Angela back into her grave bed. Looking at the dead plants on the desk, Dean realizes that Angela is not at Neil's house as he told Sam and Dean, but in the room and advises Neil to get out as quickly as possibly and not to make her mad. Sam and Dean exit the room. 041b061a72


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