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Esource Wireless Mouse Driver ((INSTALL))

wireless mice that connect to a pc via bluetooth are used with a great number of devices like smartphones and tablets. they also connect to mobile devices that have bluetooth enabled, such as car stereos. bluetooth mice are usually sold as a single mouse device with no additional functionality. the addition of extra buttons, for example, can be included with wireless mouse devices that connect to a pc via usb.

Esource Wireless Mouse Driver

wireless mice come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. some mice are sold as single devices, while others are sold as a pair. some, like the microsoft surface mouse, are designed for use with a laptop and can be removed easily when not in use. some mice, like the microsoft wireless touch mouse, are designed for use with desktop pcs, and are more difficult to remove.

the number of buttons on a mouse can vary depending on the design and type of mouse. most mice will have one or two buttons. some have more. like the microsoft surface mouse, many mouse designs can be removed from a computer with ease. a mouse with many buttons is often referred to as a gaming mouse. traditional pc mice tend to have two buttons, a scroll wheel, and a pointing stick.

most mice have a scroll wheel. the scroll wheel is located at the top of the mouse. it can be used to scroll through lists and documents, but it is not necessary to scroll to access a button or set of buttons.

a wireless mouse can be set up to work with any pc. however, it may require certain drivers that may not be installed by default on a standard pc. if the mouse is not detected, you may have to install the appropriate drivers.


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