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Visual FoxPro 9: Features, Benefits, and Tips for Data-Driven Developers

  • wwDotnetBridge is available as an open source project with full source code on GitHub. Alternatively if you require a commercial license, require full featured support, or simply want to show your support for this project, you can also purchase commercial version as part of the West Wind Internet and Client Tools library or theWest Wind Web Service Proxy Generator both of which include wwDotnetBridge.wwDotnetBridge Features Host the .NET Runtime directly inside of Visual FoxPro Instantiate most .NET components directly Requires no COM Registration for .NET objects instantiation 100% compatible with 'standard' COM Interop functionalityjust use wwDotnetBridge features for additional functionality Create types with parameterized constructors Call overloaded methods with their orignal names (no COM renaming) Assign values directly to properties inside of .NET without passing through FoxPro Support for many natively unsupported .NET types and values Call and access static method, members and enums Access value types and structs Access Generic .NET types AcAccess and convert binary data, guids, DbNulls, various number formats ComValue class helps with .NET type conversions

  • Provides clean .NET Array and Collection Support

  • Arrays are auto-converted to ComArrays

  • Receive, update and pass arrays between FoxPro and .NET

  • ComArray provides easy element creation and manipulation

  • ComArray doesn't marshall the array to FoxPro - array stays in .NET

  • Multi-threading library built-in

  • What wwDotnetBridge isn'tA tool to use .NET visual components

A few quick Examples Here is what .NET access from FoxPro with wwDotnetBridge looks like. This example loads a third party .NET assembly (OpenPop) and loops through a POP3 mailbox using FoxPro code:

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