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King Kong - Il gigante della foresta

King Kong - Il gigante della foresta (キングコングの逆襲 Kingu Kongu no gyakushū, lit. "The Counterattack of King Kong") is a 1967 Japanese-American science fiction adventure film directed by Ishirō Honda. The film, produced by the Japanese film company Toho, is based on the animated series for children King Kong (The King Kong Show) of 1966, co-produced by Toho and the American Videocraft. The film features the Toho version of King Kong, who had previously appeared in King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962), but the film is not directly connected to that film and more resembles a Japanese-style remake of the original King Kong (1933) than a sequel to King Kong vs. Godzilla. For this reason, there are many elements in the film that refer to the first King Kong and that have nothing to do with Godzilla and his saga (such as the blonde woman that Kong falls in love with or the fact that the giant gorilla is captured and escapes causing panic in the city). However, the subsequent inclusion of Gorosaurus in the film Destroy All Monsters (1968) suggests that this film is linked to the saga of the mutant dinosaur.


An UN expedition, led by Americans Carl Nelson and Susan Watson and Japanese Jiro Nomura, is conducting oceanographic research aboard the Explorer, a nuclear submarine, near Mondo Island in the Japanese archipelago. Due to a breakdown, they are forced to land in a bay of the island. Here they discover the existence of a giant gorilla called Kong, worshiped and feared by the indigenous population. Kong falls in love with Susan Watson and saves her from Gorosaurus, a huge evolved Allosaurus, who he kills after a hard fight by breaking his jaws, then he defends the rest of the crew from a sea snake in an aquatic battle. Once back in the United States, the scientists announce the discovery, proposing to return as soon as possible to the island to study the causes that have been able to keep these extinct beings alive for centuries.

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Meanwhile, Doctor Who, an evil scientist, in a base on the North Pole is looking for a super nuclear substance, Element X, whose possession would allow anyone to dominate the world. He has built a mechanical duplicate of Kong, Mechani-Kong, to dig into the ice and extract Element X, but his plan fails because Mechani-Kong's circuits are damaged by radiation. Doctor Who decides then to kidnap Kong from Mondo Island and use him as a slave to mine Element X. He is helped by Madame Piranha (Madame X), an agent of an unnamed foreign power that finances his experiments.

Kong is transported to Doctor Who's base and hypnotized by a device attached to his head. He is forced to dig into the ice until he reaches Element X, but he resists Doctor Who's control when he hears Susan's voice on a radio. He breaks free from his chains and destroys Doctor Who's base, then he escapes into the sea.

Doctor Who pursues him with his submarine and manages to capture Nelson, Susan and Nomura, who were also following Kong with their submarine. He tries to blackmail them into helping him recapture Kong, but they refuse. Meanwhile, Kong reaches Tokyo and climbs Tokyo Tower, where he finds Mechani-Kong waiting for him. The two giants fight on top of the tower until Kong rips off Mechani-Kong's head and throws it down, causing it to explode.

Kong then rescues Susan from Doctor Who's ship and swims back to Mondo Island with her. Madame Piranha betrays Doctor Who and helps Nelson and Nomura escape from his ship. She dies in an explosion caused by Doctor Who, who also perishes in his attempt to kill Kong with torpedoes. Nelson and Nomura reunite with Susan on Mondo Island and bid farewell to Kong, who roars happily as he watches them leave.


  • Rhodes Reason as Commander Carl Nelson

  • Akira Takarada as Lieutenant Commander Jiro Nomura

  • Linda Miller as Lieutenant Susan Watson

  • Eisei Amamoto as Doctor Who

  • Mie Hama as Madame Piranha (Madame X)

  • Haruo Nakajima as King Kong, Curious Spectator

  • Yu Sekida as Mechani-Kong, Gorosaurus


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