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Harun Yahya Articles Pdf Download Free

IN 2O07 SEVERAL UNITED STATES CONGRESSMEN, educators and scientists each received a weighty parcel postmarked in the UK. (1) It contained a book entitled The Atlas of Creation, a Muslim creationist attack on evolution authored by someone called Harun Yahya. (The books and articles by Harun Yahya cited in this article are available for download as PDF files on the BAY Website, com/en.m_book_index.php.) European scientists and educators also received the unexpected gift under similarly nebulous circumstances. (2) The French minister of education Gilles de Robien withheld the book from schools, mandating biologist Herve le Guyader, a professor at the University of Paris VI, to carry out an analysis of its contents. He qualified the author's science as "appallingly poor" (All citations in French translated to English by the author.)

harun yahya articles pdf download


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