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Ladies' Own Erotica (Ladies' Home Erotica) BETTER

The Kensington Ladies' Erotica Society was an erotica writers' group founded in Kensington, California in 1999 whose aims were to create erotica literature written for and by women. The group became the first to publish collections on sexuality for the middle-aged woman.[1] Founded by Sabina Sedgewick, members also included: Rose Solomon, Bernadette Vaughan, Nell Port, and Elvira Pearson (all pseudonyms).

Ladies' Own Erotica (Ladies' Home Erotica)

Sabina Sedgewick at the time was a librarian cataloging erotica for UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library. She found herself speculating whether women found erotic literature as appealing as did men. She asked this question aloud at a New Year's faculty party at her home and future member, Nell Port, encouraged her to form a group to address that question. When the group first began meeting, participants were in their 40s. Most were married. Some were homemakers and others had day jobs.[1] They originally began as an erotic reading group, however, after dutifully reading Anaïs Nin, Henry Miller, Nancy Friday and others, along with Penthouse, Playboy and Chic, the newly formed group decided that none of it spoke to contemporary American women. Sabina urged them to try their hand at writing their own erotic fantasies.[2] The group would meet monthly, sharing their poems, short stories, recipes, and more.

The 10 original members (now seven due to two moving away and one dying) were considered pioneers of female erotica. The group has published 3 more collections of their erotica. Now, documents of the Society have been collected and archived at San José State University.[3][4]

This scene has been repeated monthly for the past 26 years in the bosom of the Kensington Ladies' Erotica Society. The 10 original members (now seven due to two moving away and one dying) were considered pioneers of female erotica: The group's first collection of stories, "Ladies' Own Erotica," was published -

The Kensington Ladies Erotica Society came together in the wild 1970s in Berkeley, when founder Sedgewick was librarian in charge of the erotic literature collection of Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley. She met several of the "ladies" at a New Year's Eve party and suggested that they start a monthly reading group - for erotica.

"I brought a collection of stories and we shared them and talked about them, " says Sedgewick. "We argued over the differences between male and female erotica, and what we thought was sexy. I even brought a Playgirl magazine, and we all agreed that it didn't turn us on!"

After finding little published material that was erotically appealing, the ladies decided to try writing their own. The reading groups became writing groups, during which everyone shared their stories.

"We were the very first to do what we did," Port says proudly. "'Herotica' (the book series) was after that and then (the magazine) Yellow Silk. We deserve credit for being the first. And we've never been out of print."

When it comes to women specifically, erotica has often been held up as being especially beloved. "There seems to be something very intertwined about a story and many women's sexuality," explains Kyle Zrenchik, Ph.D., LMFT, ACS, couples' and sex therapist, and clinical director at ALL IN Therapy Clinic in Minneapolis. "Men are more visual, and women are more narrative. Of course, I'm speaking generally, and there are many exceptions."

Autostraddle is the world's most influential independent website for queer women and nonbinary people, and it's 100% owned and run by queer women. In addition to its editorial content about all things sex and relationships, the site features its very own erotica series SLICK. Every SLICK story is written and edited by queer people, and the stories promise "titillation, torture, fucking, and getting off," according to the website.

Literotica is a user-driven erotica site, featuring stories submitted by anyone who feels called to do so. The site is handily divided into different categories such as "lesbian sex," "sci-fi & fantasy," and "first-time." The site has a low-tech, retro feel, which might make you nostalgic for the days long before Instagram. Best of all, all the stories on the site are free.

Smile Makers are the creators of cute sex toys, but they also have a section of their site dedicated to free erotica written by members of the Smile Makers community. The stories are described as "based on real sexual fantasies" for women and people with vulvas. Some of the stories are geared toward straight women, whereas others feature queer or lesbian women. There's even some erotic poetry in the mix.

Sugarbutch Chronicles is run by Sinclair Sexsmith, a well-known (in certain circles) butch dominant whose lesbian erotica anthology was nominated for a Lambda Award in 2016. This site is for you if you're into unabashedly queer stories centered on explicit BDSM. The content is free to access, and there's an extensive archive to peruse as the site has been running since 2006.

OhCleo is another audio erotica app, available for Apple and Android. This one was founded in Sweden and created in order to provide an alternative to pornography for women. It's suited to a variety of tastes and has been downloaded in over 130 countries. "Giver or taker? Master or commander? Confident or shy? We don't care and neither should you. The only rule in sex is consent," reads their website. It costs 79kr a month (approximately $8 USD).

Crashpad is not technically erotica; it features porn videos. That said, it is some of the best porn made by and for queer women and trans people out there. Crashpad has a cult status among queers as the place for ethical, dirty, and diverse porn. Every Crashpad performer has complete control over their scenes and often performs with their real-life partners and friends. Crashpad has something for you if you're looking for queer and trans content featuring adults of all ages, genders, abilities, and body sizes. You can pick up a year's membership for $9.99 a month.

Quinn is another audio erotica app and website for women featuring an impressive selection of stories suited to a wide variety of tastes and kinks such as DDLG and praise kink. You can also select guided masturbation if you want a dominant voice in your ear telling you exactly what to do and how to do it. Hot! Some of the categories featured are age difference, bondage, co-workers, enemies to lovers, and finish inside me. It costs $4.99 a month.

Masturbation is a healthy and normal part of life, and regularly engaging in it can be a wonderful part of your wellness routine. There are reams of erotica out there to be discovered, no matter what you're looking for. Next time you fire up your vibrator (or fingers) to give yourself a little love, consider turning to the written or spoken word to get you over the edge.

An independent erotic site produced by a woman for women, men and couples to safely and responsibly engage in sex-positive erotica, enhancing wellbeing and education. A platform of pleasure for those curious about the joys of sex.

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This collection of audio erotica spotlights some of the best narrative talent in the industry and sexy storylines that are so easy to sink into ... and nearly impossible to leave. Our list of the best erotic audiobooks ranges from sweet romances to boundary-pushing sexual play, all produced specifically to leave listeners hot and bothered. Here are some of the best erotic audiobooks in our catalog.

These are the kind of books that make for the perfect introduction into erotica. These books either have plenty of PG-rated (compared to the rest of the stories on this list) smut, or have less than a handful of sexy scenes. The sex scenes may even be of the fade-to-black type, which leaves all the steaminess to your imagination. All in all, though, each erotic novel below is filled with thoughtful prose and a great love story that will make your heart flutter.

You know how we said there are plenty of campy reads in the erotica genre? This one definitely falls into that category. In case you missed the premise during your TikTok scroll (BookTok is obsessed with this one!), it follows a group of women who have been abducted by big, blue, attractive (?) aliens who take them to their icy home planet. Am I embarrassed to have this on my to-read list? Yes, but I'm going to have a hell of time enjoying it.

Here is a small collection of erotica or sexual literature from Anais Nin to Olympia Reader. The books listed below are all classics of erotica and not smut book and are only available for sale in Denmark. These come from a collector, who loved science, space, travel, math, art, sex, photography and much much more. I am selling his collection for his widow in order to help her move into a smaller place. Most of the books are collector items, but I have priced them at a reasonable price. They are all in very good condition unless otherwise mentioned in the description. Price does not include postage, but I will combine books and send them as economically as possible. We can discuss your preferences. 041b061a72


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