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Railway Station Announcement Ringtone Download

From train horns and beeps to stationannouncements to cab signals to the squeal of the train wheels, thisarchive has sound files that will be instantly recognizable to anyseasoned "L" rider. The sounds are divided into sections based ontypes and sources of the sounds. Just click on a sound to play it;all files are in ".wav" format.

Railway Station Announcement Ringtone Download

Library_Orange-orig.wav(256k): The is the original recording of the Librarystation announcement. Its pronunciation was criticized for soundinglike he's pronouncing the name "Lie-berry" and later replaced (seenext): "This is Library-State and Van Buren. Transfer to BrownLine trains at Library-State and Van Buren. This is an Orange Linetrain to Midway." (Soundcourtesy of Tony Coppoletta)

Lake_RedSB2013.m4a (73k): "This is Lake. Transfer to Orange, Green, Pink, Brownand Blue line trains at Lake." The announcement is the off-peak variant, so does not include the rush period-only Purple Line, but adds the Pink Line, which was added in 2006. This version was recorded in 2013 when the Blue Line was added as a transfer at Lake -- rather than digitally splice "Blue" into the string of lines for transfer, the CTA recorded a new sound file for the whole station announcement. (Sound courtesy of Bailey Rodriguez)

OrangeLineIntro.wav(641k): BONUS TRACK! The full Orange Line introannouncement: "This is an Orange Line train to downtown. Maps areposted in each railcar and station to help you plan yourtrip--contact station personnel for further assistance. Scheduledtravel time to downtown is about 25 minutes. Welcome aboard OrangeLine run 705. Pulaski is next. In the direction of travel,doors open on the left at Pulaski." (Soundcourtesy of Tony Coppoletta)

Outbound_Train-vers2.wav(265k): This is an revised version of the canned announcements forarriving trains, with a different message than is used at moststations. The recordings were made a couple of years apart and theirmessages are a bit better in quality due to equipment improvementsduring that time. The same voice is used, but the wording and cadenceare different -- this was done to better synchronize the audio with the text messagethat scrolls across the station's variable message signs for ADAcompliance. The message only plays once per track trigger, asopposed to the older message which plays twice. It is being used at afew stops, mostly on the Green Line. Since the Green Line has theoldest installed digital PA system equipment, a minor hardwareupgrade was required to implement this function. In the process ofinstalling the upgrade, many of the Green Line message files wereupdated as well. Note that an actual time until arrival is given,rather than the more general verbiage used in the later version(see previous): "Attention customers: An outbound train, fromthe Loop, will be arriving in approximately one minute."(Sound courtesy of Tony Coppoletta, informationcourtesy of John Robertson, Aldridge Electric)

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