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Buy Rolex Air King

"@context": " ", "@type": "VideoObject", "name": "The History of the Rolex Air-King", "description": "Today we are taking a look at one of the most under-appreciated, yet incredibly interesting, models in the Rolex catalog: The Air-King. Released in the midst of World War II, the Rolex Air-King is the only remaining watch in production from the original "Air Series." Released in 1945, the Air-King joined the ranks of the Air-Lion, Air-Giant, and Air-Tiger, all created to honor the RAF pilots of the Battle of Britain.", "thumbnailUrl": " =1579203902294&sqp=CLz6gvEF&rs=AOn4CLBQbFc707Mjj9GJYJdhDEvfb2smTw", "uploadDate": "2019-01-02", "duration": "PT6M14S", "publisher": "@type": "Organization", "name": "Bob's Watches", "logo": "@type": "ImageObject", "url": " -watches-logo1.gif", "width": 120, "height": 30 , "contentUrl": " ", "embedUrl": " "

buy rolex air king

Mechanically speaking the reference 16900 is also rather impressive, as Rolex opted to fit the piece with the anti-magnetic caliber 3131 that can also be found in the current Milgauss. The addition of a Faraday cage adds a minute amount of heft and thickness to its case, however overall the piece is plenty wearable and comfortable on the wrist, and feels virtually identical to the Milgauss due to sharing the same case and movement.

On the pre-owned market, used Rolex Air-King prices start at around $4,995 and increases from there, depending on features such as the specific reference, dial/bezel variation, and overall condition. Generally speaking, older Rolex Air-King watches are less expensive than their newer counterparts. However, certain rare dial variations on older references can sometimes make vintage Rolex Air-King watches worth more than contemporary references.

For the most part, the Rolex Air-King has always been a stainless steel watch; however for the last generation of 34mm models, Rolex released a version with a fluted bezel in 18k white gold. Additionally with this generation of Air-King watches, diamond-set dials also became an option, making the collection almost like the Rolex Date offering from the same era - just without the added calendar complication. Due to their use of premium materials, these ref. 114234 watches are typically more expensive than their reference 114200 or 114210 counterparts.

Given how long the model has been around, there are some special references that have come and gone, however there are a couple of variants that appeared in the 140xx and 1142xx references that are worthy of special mention. I'm referring to the last of the Rolex models to hit the market with engine turned bezels, like the 114210 and 14010. There are so many Rolex Air-King models throughout the production run that are simple, understated, if not a little bland, however the addition of these bezels puts an interesting spin on things, making them stand out from their siblings in a fantastic manner. What's more, because of their scarcity and the fact that the bezel design has been formally discontinued by Rolex across the board, it can be speculated that in decades down the road these models might be more desirable than their more commonplace siblings.

Up until the introduction of the current-production model, the Air-King was the cheapest model in the Rolex catalog; however, this was back when the Air-King was a 34mm watch with a non-chronometer certified movement. Today, the Air-King has magnetic resistant capabilities and a chronometer-rated movement, and it is now the entirely stainless steel Oyster Perpetual collection that occupies the least expensive spot in the Rolex catalog. If you're looking to sell your watch be sure to visit our sell my Rolex watch page.

A contemporary 40mm steel Oyster case. (Previous iterations ran as small as 34mm.) Screw-down, Twinlock crown helping ensure water resistance to 100m. A Faraday cage to protect the manufacture movement from magnetic interference. (Borrowed from the Rolex Milgauss.) And a striking black dial that blends several different design elements.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King 126900 is now available (under waiting lists, of course) from retailers and has already replaced the previous generation in stores. It is priced at EUR 6,950 or CHF 7,000. For more details, please visit

There's one last picayune difference between the outgoing and the spanking new Air-King, and that is the addition of "05" on the dial where it used to read just "5." I compared them side by side yesterday, and can tell you this small adjustment goes a long way to shoring up the dial symmetry.

The king of the air - the Rolex Air-King was developed to honour the British fighter pilots during World War II. This understated watch, with a dial that was considered to be rather big back in the day, allowed fighter pilots to easily read the time in any situation. Featuring a distinctive design, the Air-King still enjoys great popularity today and is an ideal entry-level model by Rolex.

We will ship your order of stock items within 1-2 working days from time of order. If this is inconvenient please let us know preferred delivery date and we will schedule delivery at your convenience.

When I was studying to become a journalist in the 1990s, I wanted a Rolex. It was in my early years of discovering watches, and because I was an avid reader of National Geographic, Rolex was always in the back of my head when looking at and for watches in shops, catalogs, and magazines. Prices were always problematic, though. Pre-owned was the way to go. And the ref. 14000 models that were introduced in 1989 were within reach. The pre-owned ones. Secondhand ones. The ones I could afford were just a couple of years old, discarded by their owners very shortly after the purchase. And when I went to check out these Air-Kings 14000s, I quickly found out why.

Au contraire cherie, as most vintage rolex is crap, especially in this size, and not being COSC is screaming B quality so Lex definitely made a point here. It should have been labeled Tudor i think.Air king is a consistent pipe dream of an empty name, continued today in a dashboard watch dial that never took off. Stiring hot air is all it is.

I have to disagree. I have the modern Airking ref 114200. I also have a 5513 Sub, a 36mm Datejust and the new 124270 Explorer. Of all these the Airking wears the lightest. I have 8 inch wrists so it wears a tad small, but still oozes style. Luckily the trend is going back to smaller sizes. I love my Airking?

I own a 5500 which has been my main watch for years, so classy with a suit, and I would buy anytime à more recent 34mm Airking over any Tudor! There are many nice dials and at a time classic Cartier which wear much smaller are coming back strongly, a 34mm Airking is a fantastic choice to show great taste over a pack of watches way too big to be worn with class with a suit, except if you are working for the MI6.

Personally, at this point in my life, I would choose a 34mm timepiece over a 39mm or 40mm timepiece. Something I could not have predicted 20 years ago. Things that I used to think were geeky and silly-looking are now en vogue with me and many of my senior contemporaries. For example, of my friends and acquaintances age 65 to 90, none wear dive watches, most wear older dress watches with leather straps. Most wear watches 38mm and smaller. In my experience, for people my age, small, lightweight watches on leather straps with low WR are the preference. No chronographs, no GMTs, no Submariners, no Speedmasters, etc.

For me AK vintage or neovintage (I have a 5500 from 1989 and a 14000M from 2003) is the last affordable rolex that should not be missed. 34mm is the perfect size for a low profile yet elegant and top level daily watch. I agree with many of the comments, I am bored of having my 14060M in the safe, the AK 34mm provides joy without being worried of being noticed. A full oyster experience for 4k EUR

The previous gen one was nowhere really. In many respects it was just a strange configuration of the Milgauss that just happened to have a historic model name. That was fine, but came with a thickness penalty packing as it did 2007 a-mag tech.

The Air-King dial features a distinctive black dial with a combination of large 3, 6 and 9 numerals marking the hours and a prominent minute scale for navigational time readings. It bears the name Air-King in the same lettering that was designed specially for the model in the 1950s.

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