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Violet Haunted Free Download

Crunchyroll Games have released Hime's Quest today, completely free for players to download the ROM and play on CP right now. Working together with indie developer Poppy Works, this original title has you going back in time to 1999 as you help stop the Y2K virus in the game's version of NYC, in an attempt to save your favorite anime club. This is a lovely little title with a lot of throwback vibes that will take you to classic Game Boy and Game BoY Color titles. The company is also working with Limited Run Games to create a special edition, which you see below, that will give you a playable version of the game for old-school Game Boy consoles. For $45 you can get a physical copy with an orange cartridge, a box that looks like it came from 1990, and a free poster inside, just like Nintendo used to pack into them. Pre-orders are happening right now, with the physical edition of the game set to be released sometime in May 2023. For now, enjoy the info and trailer below before you go download the game to play on PC.

Violet Haunted Free Download

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