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Cowboy Bebop: Il Film VERIFIED Download 720p Movie

The idea for a film was in the mind of director Shinichirō Watanabe during the development of the original Cowboy Bebop series, which he had originally envisioned as a film.[12] Watanabe treated each episode of the series as a miniature film, so to progress onto a feature-length film seemed natural to him. So as not to disappoint fans, the film incorporated as much of the series as possible while making it accessible to newcomers.[13] He had thought up some of the story and the character of Vincent during the production of the series.[12] After the series ended and there was demand for a continuation from both fans and sponsors so the decision was made by the series creators to make a film.[14][15] Watanabe said "When the original 26-episode series concluded, a lot of fans and sponsors wanted me to continue. That's why I made this movie."[15]

Cowboy Bebop: Il Film download 720p movie

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On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 66% based on 76 reviews, with an average rating of 6.30/10. The website's critical consensus reads, "This may be strictly for anime junkies, but they'll find much to like about Cowboy Bebop's casual violence and cool dialogue."[32] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 61 out of 100, based on 23 critics, indicating "generally positive reviews".[33] The film was nominated at the Online Film Critics Society Awards 2003 in the Best Animated Film category, though it lost the award to Finding Nemo.[34] Helen McCarthy in 500 Essential Anime Movies praised the music of the movie, calling it "the show's secret weapon", and stated that "the movie's only real fault is that it's about half an hour too long".[35]

On July 22, 2008, If published an article on its website regarding a rumor of a live-action Cowboy Bebop movie in development by 20th Century Fox. Producer Erwin Stoff said that the film's development was in the early stages, and that they had "just signed it".[89][90] Keanu Reeves was to play the role of Spike Spiegel.[91][92] Variety confirmed on January 15, 2009 that production company Sunrise Animation would be "closely involved with the development of the English-language project". The site also confirmed Kenji Uchida, Shinichirō Watanabe and series writer Keiko Nobumoto as associate producers, series producer Masahiko Minami as a production consultant, and Peter Craig as screenwriter. This was lauded by various sources as a promising move for the potential quality of the film.[93] At the time it was slated to release in 2011, but problems with the budget delayed its production. The submitted script was sent back for rewrite to reduce the cost and little has been heard about it since an interview with producer Joshua Long on October 15, 2010;[94] the project currently languishes in development hell. On October 25, 2014, series director Watanabe was asked about the live-action film at the MCM London Comicon. He stated: "I'm afraid I don't know what they're thinking in Hollywood. Apparently the project hasn't come to a stop but I don't know how it's going to progress from here on. I hear that there are a lot of 'Hollywood' problems."[95]

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