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Jab Harry Met Sejal In Hindi 720p Download

Jab Harry Met Sejal in Hindi 720p Download

Jab Harry Met Sejal is a 2017 Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy film written and directed by Imtiaz Ali. It stars Anushka Sharma and Shah Rukh Khan in their third collaboration after Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008) and Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012). The film follows the journey of Harry, a tour guide, and Sejal, a tourist, who search for Sejal's engagement ring across Europe and fall in love with each other.

The film was released on 4 August 2017 to mixed-to-positive reviews from critics and audience, with criticism for its direction, story, and screenplay, but praise for the soundtrack, cinematography, production design, costumes, and Khan and Sharma's performances. It was a box-office bomb in India, however, it was fairly successful overseas.

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Harinder "Harry" Singh Nehra (Shah Rukh Khan) is a tourist guide who works in Amsterdam. Self-described as a "cheap womaniser", he is lonely yet friendly and helpful, and often flirts with his clients, putting his job at risk. After dropping a family at the airport, Harry comes across Sejal Zaveri (Anushka Sharma), a member of the same family who has lost her engagement ring and wants him to help her. Harry is reluctant, but to avoid a complaint by Sejal that might make him lose his job, he reluctantly agrees to help.

In due course of time while searching for the ring, they become friendly and he tells her that he had left his village, Nurmahal and came to Canada to become a singer, which did not work out and that is how he slowly became a tour guide. Both Harry and Sejal travel to places in Europe where he had initially taken the family, in search of the ring. During this, Harry ends up falling in love with Sejal, but does not reveal it to her, knowing that she is engaged to Rupen (Kavi Shastri). They soon learn that a criminal, Ghyassuddin Mohammed Qureshi "Gas" (Chandan Roy Sanyal), has stolen the ring. They go to Gas to retrieve the ring but Harry gets thrashed by Gas' men.

Later, while looking for antiseptics in her bag for Harry, Sejal finds the ring and realises that the ring was in her bag all along. However, she does not tell Harry, as she wants to spend some more time with him and is falling in love with him as well. The next day, Harry and Sejal fly to Frankfurt for the wedding between Harry's friend Mayank (Aru Krishansh Verma) and Irina (Evelyn Sharma), where both get questioned by them about their relationship, seeing their evident chemistry.

Sejal confesses to Harry that she has feelings for him but does not expect anything from him. She also tells him that she has decided to elope with him. However, Harry rejects her proposal as he does not want to betray Rupen or ruin her life. He also tells her that he is not good enough for her and that she should go back to India. Heartbroken, Sejal leaves without informing Harry.

Harry realises that he loves Sejal too and decides to go after her. He reaches India on the day of her wedding and professes his love for her in front of everyone. He also apologises to Rupen for his actions. Rupen understands and lets Sejal go with Harry. The film ends with Harry and Sejal happily together.

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