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[S3E20] Slice Of Death ((TOP))

When the Titan reaches the Wall it plants its hands on top and pulls itself upright, scattering the Garrison, which falls back. Its face has been scraped away by the ground while it was dragging itself. The Scouts take over the Wall's defense and shoot the gunpowder-laden carts into the Titan's hands, which explode, causing it to lose its grip. The Titan slumps over the Wall and Eren charges forward in his Titan form to shove the sack of gunpowder into its gaping mouth. This causes the Titan to explode and Historia Reiss slices the chunk of Titan flesh containing the nape, thus killing her father. She lands in the city below to the shock of the nearby citizens who ask if she is the one who saved them. Historia rises and declares herself the true ruler of the Walls.

[S3E20] Slice of Death


Unknown to the Republic, Echo survived the blast and was captured by the Techno Union, who then used him to access Rex's strategy algorithm to Admiral Trench's advantage during the Battle for Anaxes. Echo was then rescued by Captain Rex, Jedi General Anakin Skywalker from Skako Minor with the help of Clone Force 99, also known as the "Bad Batch." Using his knowledge of the algorithm and his newfound ability to slice into computer terminals, he helped bring about a Republic victory on Anaxes by sabotaging the Separatists' tactics. Afterward, he chose to join the Bad Batch rather than return to the 501st. He served with them for the rest of the war, taking on the codename Havoc Four.

With the decision made, 99 gathered the supplies, and each of the clones equipped themselves with a firearm. Echo and the clones stood behind a door, which led to a sleeping barracks, and waited for any droid to walk by. Nearby, Grievous led a group of droids down the same hallway the clones wherein. After the cyborg General ordered the droids to open the doors, a droid opened the clones' door, which revealed them. Echo and the clones began to fire at the droids and lured them inside the barrack room. The clones took defensive positions behind crates as the droids continued their pursuit. As the firefight intensified, 99 tossed thermal detonators to Echo, Cody, and Rex for more firepower. Soon, however, the clones around the crates were being overwhelmed by the droids. Rex used his comlink to alert the clone cadets, hidden inside sleeping bunkers, to reveal themselves to the droids. As they began to fire at the droids, Echo and the others continued as well. However, 99 noticed that the clones ran out of thermal detonators. Despite being told not to retrieve more by Rex, 99 ignored the order and ran toward a nearby door since it was too dangerous. Yet, battle droids noticed the fleeing 99 and fired at him, killing him instantly. Despite witnessing 99's death, Echo and the remaining clones destroyed the remainder of Grievous' droids. Echo and the clones gathered around Fives, who was cradling 99's body on the floor and mourned 99's loss. After Grievous and Ventress escaped Kamino, which ended the invasion, resulting in a Republic victory, Echo and Fives joined Cody and Rex inside a docking bay. Because of their accomplishments during the invasion, both Cody and Rex were proud of Echo and Fives. The two 501st Legion clone troopers were then allowed to become ARC troopers.

As a rookie, Echo was able to deal with the boredom of the Rishi Moon outpost better than some of the other rookies. When the attack on the station came, he tried to help shut off the all-clear signal, knowing that Kamino was in danger of being invaded, showing his care for his home planet and his clone brothers; examples being his sadness over Hevy and 99's deaths and helping to protect Kamino since it was his home planet and so many of his clone brothers were there.

Emma shares a few similar traits with her dad. She is courageous and a independent person, who faces danger head on. She is also very much like her mother when it comes to compassion and heart. Emma is a warrior, hunter, and Winchester. She wants nothing more for people to remember that the Winchester bloodline are a force of good and not people who screw with the natural order of things. Her family always first comes serve but some time a first come serve daily basis is a little too much unhealthy loop that play around her dad and uncle, which is the reason why everyone vouches for her than her predecessors. Emma learns to cherish the Natural Order, unlike her dad and uncle as she understands why everything is kept in balance such as life and death as life is something you get to live once and that is it, you do not just play with it as if it were a battery life and reuse it. She doesn't hold it against them for breaking order, but she believes they must come to terms with letting go when one of them dies. Emma entirely agreed with her girlfriend that if they were going to start respecting death, they make a pact that involves if one of them were to die, they must respect their wishes and not try anything stupid to bring a person back from the dead.

Cassandra has stated that both her and Emma are like the sun and the moon. As she is the moon, Emma is the sun. She is always focused on a task and dislikes distractions. Emma is always full of life and strength. Her will power is so strong, Emma has withstood pain from the battles that involve death and torture inflicted on her. She prefers to be a positive person. She is the light that shines in the darkness. As the sun that has positive traits, Emma has her negative qualities. She is arrogant, too stubborn, and a little self-centered. Emma views Cassandra as her one weakness, the same applies to Cassandra as well as Emma is her weakness as well.

At the end of the day, Emma only wants one thing and that is to spend her remaining life with the one person she loves dearly as she sees Cassandra as her entire world and other half of her life. If she were to ever die, Emma states that it would feel like half of her entire life would be gone and it would destroy her. The same can be said for Cassandra as she equally feels that way as well. She loves her girlfriend too much that even though she would not do anything to bring her back from the dead, she would make sure to keep her from heading towards death's door and keep her alive as hard as she can try. This shows how strong the bond between her girlfriend is. Emma enjoys having Cassandra cuddling next to her and enjoying movie time with comfort food, the very thing she would love to do when the world is not in danger.

The Triquetra Mark is a powerful Primordial Level Magic Spell that grants the user control of nature and human existence. This mark is much similar with the Mark of Cain's powers. The mark will refuse to let the bearer die and resurrect them regardless of their deaths. Emma becomes incredibly powerful that she has overwhelmed Princes of Hell, Leviathans, Angels, monsters, Chief Deities, and among other powerful individuals such as Kronos, a powerful Titan.

When the two first met, Emma liked having someone she can relate to when it came to aging quickly in only a short span of time. Later on Emma began to develop feelings for the Nephalem girl and crushed on her. Emma wasn't quite great at hiding her feelings but apparently everyone except Dean and Cassandra noticed her signs. Emma vows to make sure no one harms Cassandra and by that she means individuals targeting her girlfriend's self-esteem or emotions. Emma is fiercely loyal to Cassandra as the two made a pact that if one of them dies, they must respect each other's deaths, grieve, and move on and happily live what remains of their lives or the people they care for. When the two admit their feelings for one another, Emma couldn't be more happier than she could possibly imagine. She just can't think of a reality where she is living a life without Cassandra. The two are a match made in heaven as they fight their way through whatever challenges destiny has set up for them as they always come through, punching it in the face, better than their old mans.

Emma was tasked to kill her dad so she may complete the Amazon ceremony but deep down Emma couldn't fathom of killing her own father as the first time they met when Emma was only a talking baby, she felt a connection with her dad and when the time came, her father's words and her uncle of course made her come to a decision that the Amazon life isn't what she wants and she proves herself when she even betrays her own kind just so she can be with her family. Emma wants nothing more but to prove to Dean that she can be a hunter and a Winchester but Dean couldn't be more proud of his little girl than he already is, of course Emma is stubborn, something which a trait she developed from him, even more so when she has the same taste in weapons, Impala, and of course her own baby, a Dodge Challenger, hell she even will murder all those who scratch or steal it. Emma does make sure her dad does nothing stupid such as taking risk to save their family as she realizes that it will only cause pain. Dean's got someone to set him straight and it helps even more when his daughter's mom is there to make sure of that. If the worst circumstance happens where the two are forced to fight to the death in order to save lives, Emma would rather die than to kill her own dad.

Levitation: In the same way flying bison can fly and stay aloft for extended periods of time, a master airbender can achieve this same feat by generating and controlling air to form a cloud-like board under their feet and surf through the air, thereby emulating flight.[9] Avatar Kyoshi utilized this technique in a more lethal way by levitating and subsequently dropping Xu Ping An during a duel, making him fall to his death.[50]

Flight: The ability to fly was originally exclusive to the flying bison and air lion turtles;[29][43] however, Guru Laghima was able to unlock the ability by releasing himself of all his earthly tethers, achieving true and complete freedom. The technique, referred to as the highest level of airbending,[65] is so rare that he was the only airbender in history to have ever achieved it until Zaheer, a student of Laghima's teachings, also unlocked the ability four thousand years later, by letting go of his last earthly connection, namely his girlfriend P'Li, following her death.[66] Being able to fly without an aid, such as a glider, grants the practitioner more stability and freedom in the sky, while also permitting easier use of bending mid-flight. It is also an energy-efficient technique, as it allowed Laghima to live the last forty years of his life without ever touching the ground.[8] Although a powerful technique, the ability is hindered by additional weight and the currents of the wind.[49] 041b061a72


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