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Watch the Cute and Funny Adventures of Catgirls with NEKOPARA OVA Set on Ubuntu

So I downloaded the NEKOPARA OVA set linux client from Steam, and it got this package steam.deb, and when I installed it on my ubuntu, it opened steam and installed along with it steamlauncher and and a few games. Except for one thing, it will not let you login to you account, and I get the error message that says "Steam Client could not be found at your user account. Please reinstall Steam. (Error: no such user)"

NEKOPARA OVA Set download ubuntu

Hi, I recently have been using Ubuntu and after a while, I tried to install steam using apt. I thought that would install the version on the repo but it ended up installing the one from the internet. So I decided to update it and I did that and now everytime I open steam it opens its windows and when I close it it ask me to close steam alll the time. Is there a way to fix this? I'm using Ubuntu 16.10. PS: I can't download the package because it sends me a 403 error. Thanks.

I need help fixing my problem. I have lenovo ideapad 500S and ubuntu 16.10 and I can't download anything. Maybe ubuntu sucks, but you have to download stuff from the software center instead of the ubuntu store.

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