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Acer Travelmate 4152lmi Drivers Download ##TOP##

(4) Put front micro levels under of 90. for vlc audio problems open volume control during playing, or install de gnome vlc plugin with yast. (6) The wireless drivers can be download in this link. (C) Problem with autoshutdown when battery is almost out of energy. fan doesnt work in 11.2

acer travelmate 4152lmi drivers download

Everything worked on clean install from DVD except wirelessUsed the following command to download and install drivers (need wired connection to do this)sudo /usr/sbin/install_bcm43xx_firmwareTouchpad was recognized fine - not in 12.2 (recognized as generic mouse). Logitech C270 also worked fine.

You need to finish the basic installation before you can proceed with the instructions below. Also, if you do not have a second PC to download the drivers with, download them first! (If you are downloading them on the laptop, then I assume you are dual-booting with Windows, the Windows drive should be mounted read-only after the SUSE install, otherwise burn them to a CD or copy them to a USB stick.)

NOTE: This guide describes installing the drivers under SUSE Linux 10.0. If you are using an older or newer version, the ATi package you download will need to be the one for your version of Xorg, or you will need to download the generic .run file and build the drivers for your version (in this case, you will also need to install the Kernel source packages).

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