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Templatic Article Directory Nulled Php PORTABLE

An article directory website is expected to have a large number of visitors as well as huge data in form of article and blogs. Therefore we need an efficient host, with maximum uptime, great page load speed,

templatic article directory nulled php


However, to install sample data, and make your Article Directory website look just like the Article directory software demo. Just one click and you have a ready to go the website, where all you need to do is to remove the sample articles and add actual data.

It has a ready to use registration and user management module. Moreover, it allows you to create payment plans as per your requirements. So you can decide the plans for your article directory website.

Also, the article directory software comes with a ready to use article submission form. Generally, it takes a lot of time designing the form, deciding on the fields you want and the validations. But with the article directory WordPress template, you can start allowing front-end submission easily.

Also, you should keep a check that all the data contained by the articles on your article directory website is fresh and true. If you find some article containing false or misleading data, you should immediately get rid of it.

Therefore, it becomes important to ensure that the articles on your article directory website are added under the relevant categories. Especially when you allow front-end article submission. Make sure that the users are choosing proper categories while submitting their articles on your website.

With the steps mentioned above, you can create your own article directory search software in no time. With the Article Directory Template, you can manage your site with intuitive options and inbuilt features.

Our First recommended article directory script is Friendly Article. Very nice and low-cost article directory script in just $29.99 only. This article directory is not well known but has more unique options and great UI.

Article Friend is one of the most used and creative article directory scripts that come with full SEO customization and is great looking with all options. ArticleFriend Script is a professional turn-key directory software to help webmasters develop impressive online article directories at a low cost. ArticleFriend Script-Features for effective management ArticleFriend script has some nice and impressive features that are designed to help administrators manage the article directory effectively, easily, and efficiently. You can purchase for only 59$ for one website with a 10% refugee offer.

Subrion article script is an easy-to-use article publishing script for PHP & MySQL. The article script has been specially designed to facilitate the management and make article directory management hassle-free and easy to use.With Subrion article directory script, you can easily create your own articles directory site, accept live author articles, rate articles, and create a personal blog site. It can be easily used as an article directory site and stands for the ultimate solution for an article directory website.

The last and very useful article directory script from Articles is very unique and the most used directory run with WordPress and free of cost. Article Directory Theme is the best way of making an article directory with WordPress without any extra webmaster knowledge.

I am looking to create a directory on my WordPress site, but it is not exclusively a directory site. The directory is just one section of the site whilst the rest of the site is made up of other content such as blog articles and news features.Are any of these themes suitable? It looks to me like they all turn the homepage into the search and display page for the directory which is not how I would want the homepage to look.Thanks in advance for you advice!

Thank you for this helpful blog. I would like to create a directory site with the following:* members can create their own membership page with credit card capability and autopayments* graduated membership fees allow podcasts, video, article posting* membership listing ranges from basic (white page listing) to full page with links, photos, etc. that members themselves can purchase, upload, and update through a personal login* chat rooms by topic allow members and visitors to chat with each other* Private chat rooms allow for private conversations for some members* members create a login to update their own page* the site has ultimate design versatility and ease in changing the design* members would be searchable by key word or a certain distance from zip code

Hey , nice very topic by the way.I checked directory demo by templatic,i like it , but I reed some bad impression about it on the commentsdo you recommend it. I need it for multi purpose listing with paid features.Thanks


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