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Dr Laura Nude Pic

Ha. The Internet publication of nude photos of radio talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger shows what a lie that pretense is. The photos were taken 23 years ago by an one-time lover and present-day louse, Bill Ballance, who sold the photos against Schlessinger's wishes for "tens of thousands of dollars."

dr laura nude pic

Allowing someone to take nude photos of you and letting him keep the film.Ever since the two decade-old pictures first appeared on a Web sex site last week, fax machines across the nation have been choking on printouts said to be the buck-naked advocate of marital fidelity and family values. The airwaves are rising over Dr. Laura like a tsunami, and it's her own colleagues - from shock-jock Howard Stern to loudmouths along the San Francisco Bay Area's AM dial - who are having her for lunch.

He arrived in San Diego not long after the breakup of his three-year affair with Schlessinger -- then half his age and still married but purportedly planning divorce. With her enthusiastic consent, he had photographed her many times in the nude.

In 1998 Ballance sold a dozen nude photos of Schlessinger to a website for $50,000. At first, she denied being the person in the photos. Later, she claimed she owned the copyright to them. She sued. After failing to get an injunction, Schlessinger dropped the suit. Later Schlessinger said the affair had taken place during a brief period while she was an atheist. Atheist news groups were indignant. The organization American Atheists commented, "Is attempting to legally suppress the nudie pics 'facing up to one's responsibility' or concealing the truth? Is Schlessinger right in using her brutal, tough-love verbal cudgels on callers" when she has these skeletons in her closet?

She claimed Billo made her nude photos public out of spite because she had snubbed him at a Los Angeles conference. Don't believe it. He had long ago told me of his disgust. In mid-1996, I mailed to him a Wall Street Journal article featuring her, in which she acknowledged that he had launched her career. He wrote me back: "You are a prince of scriveners, passing on to me the bogus profundities of Dr. Laura. Her public postures are the precise opposite of [her behavior] when I was dating her, and when I had her on my own show. Metamorphosis time. Some might even call it monumental hypocrisy. But, at least it gets my name in the Wall Street Journal."

In 1998, Schlessinger's early radio mentor, Bill Ballance, sold nude photos of Schlessinger to a company specializing in internet porn. The photos were taken in the mid-1970s, while Schlessinger was involved in a brief affair with the then-married Ballance.[87][88] Schlessinger sued after the photos were posted on the internet,[89] claiming invasion of privacy and copyright violation. The court ruled that Schlessinger did not own the rights to the photos. She did not appeal the ruling.[90] She told her radio audience that she was embarrassed, but that the photos were taken when she was going through a divorce and had "no moral authority."[87][91]

In 1998 nude photos of Laura Schlessinger were published on the Internet. During the commotion over those pictures, their source was revealed to be veteran Los Angeles radio broadcaster Bill Ballance, a man who was pivotal in getting Schlessinger her start in radio. Ballance claimed he photographed her in 1978, while the pair of them were having an affair during Schlessinger's first marriage.

As a family values advocate who had premarital sex, faced allegations of adultery and saw nude pictures of herself published on the Internet, self-styled advice expert Dr. Laura Schlessinger has a well-documented history of hypocrisy.

It remains to be seen how long IEG will be able to fight the Web to assert its copyright. The Internet is vast, and presumably the Schlessinger pictures are already nestled on 10,000 hard drives on 1,000 servers all over the world. It's one thing to suppress a Web page; it's much harder to smother Usenet. Schlessinger pictures are currently a must-see in newsgroups ranging from to DejaNews searches will track them for years to come. For his part, Warshavsky admits that Schlessinger's pictures have a finite shelf life as far as the cyber-sex biz is concerned: "How long will they be a hot item? Couple of weeks, maybe?"

In the second part of TheFappeningBlog series, we once again use famous proprietary Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) imaging software to enhance by upscaling, brightening, and color-correcting the celebrity nudes below (Check out our first collection here).

Ballance claimed to have a few nude "pics" of Dr. Laura taken at during anaffair he had with her after she filed for divorce in New York and moved toCalifornia 30 years ago......Leykis came up with the catchy "Dirty Dozen" themeeven though Ballance NEVER had 12 "pics" IF he had ANY at all.....The"collection" was created out of Lookalike FAKES, some obviously altered andmost taken off the Internet.......In researching the "collections" of "Dr. Laura Pics" posted on the web, most ofthe "collections" NEVER HAD 12 "pics", many had a few of the same picssprinkled amongst entirely different "pics", resulting in at least 23 "Dr.Laura Pics" being posted on the web....At the SAME TIME, I was able to findover 100 "pics" of the same girls, but in slightly DIFFERENT poses that didn'tmake them look at all like Dr. Laura.......Dr. Laura has NEVER said ANY of the "pics" were really of her, and there hasNEVER BEEN ANY PROOF posted that ANY were of Dr. Laura.....The "word" of aVindictive Old Puke is the ONLY "proof" that has EVER BEEN offered......Of course the Deviant Left, composed of Commies, Anarchists, Democrats, Queers,and the Criminally Insane, hysterically grasped at this HOAX in a FAILEDattempt to discredit Dr. Laura and to try to force her off the airwaves.....ButDr. Laura is STILL THERE.....And strangely, the very LACK of Standards andMorals promoted by the Left in this country worked AGAINST them in their failedcampaign.....The "Dr. Laura Pics" controversy was essentially DEAD a week afterit began......NO ONE but the Deviant Pukes cared about it after that and theHoax HASN'T discredited Dr.Laura's Message at all......In fact, America isaccepting Dr. Laura's Teachings MORE every day and REJECTING the Deviant Pukesof the Left.......There you have it, Kids.......The REAL STORY.......I've been Kicking YerMizerable Azzes with it for FIVE YEARS now......Heehee.......ENJOY!!.....

AMERICA'S favourite agony aunt, who preaches family values over the radio waves to millions of listeners every day, has apologised to her fans for appearing in nude photographs sold by an ageing former boyfriend to an Internet website.

Bonus famous leaked nude: Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Yes, that Dr. Laura. She was young, and married (though legally separated, she said) when her lovah snapped photos of the future radio star in the buff. More than 20 years later, the lovah sold the photos to a porn website. Dr. Laura, yes, that Dr. Laura, was not pleased.

Pictures have surface of a young, fresh-faced Laura posing nude. I have to admit, she looks very good in them, which isn't too surprising, because even now she's a pretty ripe piece of ass. And one thing that is clear about the pics is that "Dr." Laura at least at one time definitely put out. 350c69d7ab

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