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Ashrae Duct Fitting Databasel

ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database: A Useful Tool for Duct Design Engineers

Duct design is an important aspect of HVAC engineering, as it affects the performance, efficiency, and comfort of the system. One of the challenges of duct design is to calculate the pressure loss due to the fittings, such as elbows, tees, reducers, and dampers. These fittings cause turbulence and friction in the airflow, which result in energy loss and noise generation.

To help duct design engineers overcome this challenge, ASHRAE has developed a comprehensive database of duct fittings, called the ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database (DFDB). The DFDB contains loss coefficient tables for more than 200 round, rectangular, and flat oval duct fittings. The loss coefficient is a dimensionless parameter that relates the pressure loss across a fitting to the dynamic pressure of the airflow. By using the DFDB, engineers can easily find the appropriate loss coefficient for any given fitting and use it to calculate the pressure loss.

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The DFDB also features pictorial outlines of each fitting, which help engineers to identify and select the correct fitting for their design. The database covers a wide range of duct sizes and flow rates, and includes table data for supply, exhaust, and common (supply/return) duct functions. The DFDB is based on ASHRAE Standard 120-2017, which establishes uniform methods of laboratory testing of HVAC ducts and fittings to determine their resistance to airflow.

The DFDB is available in two formats: a desktop version and a mobile app. The desktop version is a cloud-based software that can be accessed by annual subscription. The desktop version allows engineers to enter the flow rate and fitting information and obtain the loss coefficient data and associated pressure loss. The desktop version also enables engineers to save their fittings into a project file, which can be stored and transferred. The mobile app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices, and can be purchased from iTunes. The mobile app allows engineers to perform quick pressure loss calculations for ASHRAE duct fittings in both I-P and SI units.

The ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database is a useful tool for duct design engineers who want to optimize their duct systems and reduce energy consumption and noise levels. The DFDB provides accurate and reliable data on duct fittings that can help engineers to improve their design decisions and achieve better performance outcomes.

For more information on the ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database, please visit [the official website] or [the app store].

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